Under Co-operative Act

Returns and Statement to be furnished by Co-operatives Societies for registration under Co-operative Act :

Every co-operative society to be required to prepare in each co-operative year following statements.

  • Statement showing the receipts and disbursement for the year in Form-11.
  • Profit and loss accounts in Form-12
  • Balance sheet in Form-13
  • Any other statement or returns as may be specified by the Registrar.

All the statement have to be filed with the Registrar every in the month of July.

Note: The consumer societies, producers, societies and any other societies that may be specified by the Registrar have to submit every year within such time as may be specified by the Registrar, statement of verification of the stock of articles in which the society transacts business at the close of the preceding co-operative year.

If the societies fail to submit any of these returns the registrar can depute an officer who will prepare the necessary statements or returns at the cost of the society determined by the Registrar.

Retention and Destruction of Records

Books and records of the society as shown in Schedule I given in part 3 of this Book should be preserved by the co-operative society. Other records may be destroyed and a list of such destroyed record should be prepared and kept by the society.