35(1) (ii)

Registration u/s 35 (1) (ii) :

A weighted deduction of 125% is also allowed for contributions to organizations approved under section 35(1)(ii) (a scientific research institute or a university, college or other institution) specifically for “scientific research,” and for contributions made under section 35(1)(iii) specifically for “research in social science or statistical research.” Business houses making contribution to such approved projects are allowed to show an amount of donation as expenditure in their regular books of accounts.

The Central Government has constituted a National Committee to identify projects and schemes to be notified under section 35AC, such committee normally consists of eminent persons. All NGOs are entitled to apply to the National Committee to get its projects or schemes approved. Address of the National Committee is as below:

National Committee for Promotion of Social & Economic Welfare,

Dept. of Revenue,

Govt. of India,

North Block,

New Delhi – 1100012